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“The Tension of Consumerism and its Financial Impact. An Exploration in Cognitive Dissonance.” Folding Digital Print. 2017.

In this exploration, I chose to investigate the tension that arises when people see social media posts by others in their social circle, celebrities, and retail stores that feature products they want, but know are not necessary purchases. However, they buy these things anyway because they want to fit in with and be accepted by their peers.

The images presented in this poster showcase our inherent desire to keep up with the world around us and maintain a certain status level, regardless of financial consequences. The final product, folded into fourths, presents the viewer with the three stages of this particular cognitive dissonance. First is an image of several iPhones displaying content related to social media and online shopping.

The poster unfolds to reveal a two-page spread of a redacted bank account statement, highlighting the purchases made on unnecessary material goods, such as clothes.

The full back spread of the poster features screenshots of Instagrams from my own friends, people within my social circle, clothing stores where I shop, as well as celebrities I follow. These images are overlaid with hand drawn details indicating items I personally desire.

Upon refolding the poster, the viewer is presented with the final spread which is a return to the phone screens of online shopping, thus completing and restarting the cycle of cognitive dissonance.