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"Kendra Scott Rewards Brand Materials." Illustrator. 2018.

Over the summer of 2018, I participated in a ten-week internship program at the Kendra Scott headquarters in Austin, Texas. Kendra Scott is a globally recognized jewelry and home fashion brand, known for its unique use of color and quality materials.

During my time at Kendra Scott, I worked in Marketing, specifically with the Web Design team, designing email layouts, blog post visuals, and promotional materials, as well as participating in an intern group project. Many of the email designs I created can be found on

This internship was particularly valuable, because, as an intern, I worked cross-funtionally with other departments, such as Social Media, and learned about all of the moving parts that make a business successful in the corporate world. We had weekly "lunch and learns" with different department leaders, like the Head of Corporate Events and the Chief Operating Officer, as well as various teams, such as the Legal Team and Visual Merchandising team, where the speakers would discuss their career history and what lead them to work at Kendra Scott.

Throughout the ten weeks we spent at Kendra Scott, the 25 other interns and I collaborated on creating a hypothetical loyalty program for the company. These illustrations, typographic standards, colors, and logo were used as visual assets for our project. I designed a logo specific to Kendra Scott Rewards to recognize the program as a separate entity, but allow it to live cohesively with the Kendra Scott brand. The color scheme and typography are consistent with Kendra Scott's current brand standards, drawing from their spring and summer themes. Furthermore, the illustrations reflect different aspects of the loyalty program, for example, the annual birthday discount and "Drusy Membership Tier."