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"A Typeface is a Chair (Version Four)." Risograph Print. 2018.

This series from my Typography II class comes from an assignment titled: "A Typeface is a Chair," inspired by Stephen Coles' talk of the same name. The goal was to explore how type could transcend its use for conveying information, and instead be used as precast forms to communicate the spirit of something.

For this project, I decided to use the Bouroullec Brothers' Copenhague Collection Chair. The design team was invited by Hay to design a new collection of furniture for the University of Copenhagen (KUA) that was being renovated in 2012. The set includes a wooden chair, a stool, as well as several tables and desks, and was first used by students in April 2013. The materials used to create the furniture include: moulded plywood, solid wood, and oak or beech veneer.

I chose to represent the Copenhague Collection Chair using the letters "V" and "L." The shapes these letters create mimic the stackable legs of the chair as well as the classic angular seat form. The posters are risoprinted in teal and pink on cream paper, an adaptation of the primary colors- red, blue, and yellow - often found in educational settings.